Accepted Talks

Talk Speakers
Reaching New Heights in Python Education: Success of the 2023 Coding Summer School Binjamin Barsch
Packaging for your database schema, schema migration. Iwan Vosloo
Django security for novices Ronald Maravanyika
Dynamically serving REST endpoints for database stored procedures with FastAPI Kim van Wyk
Toolsmithing: convenience through code Jeremy Thurgood
Receipt Enhancement using Image Processing Verosha Pillay & Divyan Hirasen
Leveraging python in Geospatial Applications Admire Nyakudya
Unlocking Efficiency: Python-Powered DOI Creation Automation Sydil Kupa & Zanele Kukuma
How to build a data pipeline without data: Synthetic data generation and testing with Python Ruan Pretorius
From Chaos to Zen: Lessons Learned from Developing User-Friendly APIs Stefan Van der Merwe
Don't use VSCode James Smith
turtle-bots: simulated beginnings campey
Building Simple yet Effective APIs for the City of Cape Town: A Python-Powered Approach mockards
Remote Talk Speakers
Introduction to Data Stream using River Tajudeen Akinosho
Supercharge Your Django Apps: Unveiling Performance Secrets with the Magic of Django Silk! Vishrut Kohli
PRQL: A Modern Language for Data Transformation Tobias Brandt
C The Art of Code Refactoring in Python Shiva Bhusal
How do domain-specific chatbots work? An Overview of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Cory Zue
Effective prompt engineering for Python programmers Diana Pholo
Making Jupyter notebooks less awful Laura Richter
Keynote Speakers
Green coding with Python Rudi Giesler
Tutorial Speakers
Airflow - beyond the basics (and also some basics) sheena
Sponsor Talk Speakers
Durban Maker Space Steve Gray

Python Software Foundation
Thinkst Canary Afrolabs