Presentation Setup Details

In Person

Your laptop will need to output HDMI. Connect the HDMI cable with the Prophecy adapter to your laptop, and you will see a new display called PyConZA that you should project to.

You should not have to worry about resolution and refresh rate settings thanks to the Prophecy adapter, as it forces 1280x720 @ 50 Hz as the only option. This is important, as the Black Magic cards we are using to capture the screen input are happiest at 1280x720 @ 50 Hz. Using the wrong refresh rate, even with the proper resolution, causes issues.


Remote streaming of talks will be handled from within Discord.

You can see specific instructions on how to use Discord to present here. When presented with the stream quality option, please select Better Text Readability.

Shortly before your talk, join the dedicated "Remote Talk" channel and share your screen and camera - these will be used as the source to stream to the conference venue and to remote attendees.

There is a "Remote Talk Test" channel you can use to test sharing your screen and camera in discord.

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